Wednesday, 18 November 2009

a thousand trees

The last few days, it's been all about making trees. Theres a scene set in a dense woodland/forest area thats going to require a load of foliage,trees and landscape work.
After reading through their blogs I have to say Yaz ( and Shelley ( each made an awesome tree.

Due to the sheer amount required in the set, we've decided to go with a really simple cardboard,paper mache and bambo skewer approach- churning out tree trunks and then focusing on the paint and embellishments once we're happy with the volume.

We're generally basing them on Pine Trees:

Though we're aiming for a stylised look, not so much photorealistic- more the shape, presence and layout of the trees. They won't stand up to much scrutiny (most of the parts taking place in this set are fast paced with lots of movement) but you'll know exactly what they are.

There is one more elaborate tree that gets minimal screen time but I'll save that for another time.


  1. cool....Ill be watching!


  2. cheers for dropping by man!

    I can't wait for your next film, I think i was too awestruck by the Selick meeting and all the stopmotion history to remember to comment on your early shots for it- it looks awesome! I'm really impressed by the character design and the set too, the spaceships look sweet


  3. Will.. wowww. thank you so much for mentioning about my blog. Actually this is a strange coincidence. I found Shelley Noble while I was working on my tree. Her tree and process inspired me a lot. Now, it looks like you ran into our blogs while you were working on your trees :) So, maybe we can call it fellowship of the tree makers!!
    I like how you are making your trees. And looking forward to see the detailed one you saved for another time.

  4. hah, fellowship of the tree makers sounds good.
    I'll keep you posted on the other tree when the work focus shifts that way, which I'm sure it will soon. I like that your tree plays a big part in Chronos, from the lighting tests you did it looks like it's gonna have a really bold, interesting look. Especially in the black and white shot.