Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Will.i.am drop the box now.

Just a quick recommendation of some freeware we've found kinda useful lately.
It's called DropBox and it's basically a folder on your computer you can drag files into, where they automatically sync to a backup on the internet aswell as every other computer with a DropBox signed into the same account. It's free for a 2gb box, though you need to pay monthly for the bigger sizes (we're just using it to update project files, show each other set concepts and designs etc)

You'll find it here: DropBox

Works on both Windows and Mac, I'd recommend using it alongside Growl if on Mac, as being notified of updating it's pretty useful. Not sure if anyone in need of something like this, but if you are..Enjoy!


Camera dolly development + A little update.

Just a little update before I'm off into the world of work. Progress has been kinda shifting onto different parts of the project, but i feel like its becoming more of a whole. Our software setup and hardware setup is all good to go, though lights still need attention.

the Finlet puppet is not too far off fabrication, and I think we're gonna strive to get it completed by the end of next week..where we'll stick up a few photos and some of the test shots.
(Starting to shoot at christmas may have been a little optimistic! but ah well, we're getting there!)

Heres some shots of a cranked-camera-dolly that Gavs been working on along with his Grandpa, who's got a lot of experience working on large-scale model trains etc. It's not 100% finish but almost there. We'll most likely fit in a few movement tests the coming week also, so look out for those!

[gah! ill rotate these later]

Hope everyones had a fantastic new year! And lets hope the next is a very productive one for all of us.