Sunday, 15 November 2009

funny bones

I think it was at the earliest point in planning that we decided we were going to go with machined, jointed armatures for the film. Though the experience we have is solely with clay and ocassionally attempts at using make-shift wire armatures, we knew to get the smoothest possible animation we needed to be using good armatures and tie-downs throughout (something else we don't have experience with) so there's gonna be abit of a learning curve while we get to grips with things during test shots.

We exhausted alot of different avenues early on in our search for armatures; deciding the kits available online didn't really allow us enough control over the anatomy of the characters and also by deciding to save the money and put our own time into producing them.
Anyway we've know reached a point where we're pretty confident in finish up our armatures soon.
They've gone through alot of different developments, sadly i didn't think to take photos all the way through the progress but I'll stick what i have taken into this post.

We've gone with brass and have gotten pretty effecient at making ball and socket joints which work nicely, alot of bits are dismantled at the moment so i'll stick better pictures up soon.


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  1. Will, it looks like you are doing great with making ball-joint armatures. I guess you are using pre-drilled steel balls, right? I ordered some from ebay and will use pre-drilled ones for the next thing I make after really suffering to drill with limited machinery. Dont forget to post new pics.