Saturday, 28 November 2009


Just remembered seeing about this on a packet of Blu-Tack I came across the other day so checked it out on their site.
Bostik are currently running a competition in the UK to make an advert for Blu-Tack using either live action or animation, one of the judges is Luis Cook..a director at Aardman who is behind alot of their commercial output. sounds awesome! I think we'll definately be getting something together for this as we start shooting Finley. Trying to think of a short but sweet idea will be hard seeing as you'll need to make a big impact in 30 seconds. doesn't look like there are any entries up on the site yet, but the final deadline is May so hopefully they'll start going up over christmas/new year.
details here:

the brainstorming begins!
I need to go buy some Blu-tack (damn it)

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