Sunday, 15 November 2009

funny bones pt.2 - machining

Our biggest leaps forward came when my Dad (along with my younger brother), decided to give us a hand with the armatures, which has been great. He's put together an amazing jig for drilling the joints, counter sinking the holes and cutting to size, it's enabled us to put together joints efficiently and most importantly accurately.
here's some photos, if anyones interested we could probably stick a video up next time it's getting some use.

essentially, you measure and mark your lengths using the ruler to the right then feed the brass strip down the alley in the middle, where two pieces of bike chain form a circle above the brass in order to feed the drillbit into the center-ensuring the hole is in the right place everytime.
You can then pivot the drill round 90degrees to the second alley where you feed your now drilled strip in order to countersink the holes (allowing the ball bearings to sit well in the joint).
I may stick a more detail explanation up another time but i think this'll do for now.



  1. Will, this method looks very interesting. I hope you can detail it a bit more so I could see if it's something I too could do.

    I have come to the same conclusions about armatures as you have. Although, for my less active characters I have been taught a good wire method.

  2. Hey Shelley!
    there are still some small issues to work out but we're nearly there. I'll stick some more infomation up soon when it's more finalised; it's not really the most professional way but it seems to be working for us.

    i agree, wire is perfect for less active characters. What kind of method do you use?
    we don't have many characters, though they will be getting alot of use so we're trying to make them as robust as possible and hopefully avoid having to rebuild alot once we start filming.

  3. Using bike chain for centering is great idea. How tall are your puppets going to be? Your ball joints do not seem so small. So, I guess you would not go with very small puppets??

    It is great to get help from your Dad with all those machines. I am sure you would all create some amazing armatures.