Sunday, 22 November 2009

Fie, fie, you counterfeit. You puppet, you!

the focus of the weekend has been researching different techniques and making some decisions in terms of the puppet making process which we definetly need to get pressing on with.
emmyymme sent me some links which I've found really useful to start me off. she also suggested I check out Mike Brent's blog which yielded a load of good infomation on his experiences and approach to silicone puppets. was another great resources, looking through the forums answered alot of questions.

at this point we were getting really excited about ordering some dragonskin and the necessary bits and pieces but then hit a huge wall (made entirely of dense silicone). These things are proving fairly impossible to get to the UK without $90+ shipping fees; with most suppliers only shipping within the US or charging an arm and a leg to fly it over here, even when I'm only looking to get a small quantity (for tests, etc).
So after a long period of trawling through the internet we managed to find a few places based in the UK where we should be able to find some alternatives [stuck these on here incase somebody from the UK has the same difficulties and comes across this];

Mould Making and Casting Supplies UK

Resin Supplies

Using different bits and piece we're hoping to be able to experiment with some silicone for arms and casting resins for replacement heads; though we may go for silicone for this aswell depending on how our ideas pan out when put into action.
I'm going to get an order off tonight and hopefully be in a position to get some tests underway within the next week or so!

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  1. Thanks for posting the URL of The FX Lab. Looks like there are some great tutorials.