Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Where's the kid with the chemicals?

This has been such an eventful day; all our silicon,liquid latex and resin orders have arrived! Though it does look abit like a police narcotics evidence locker. (I've only just found out it came today- sent them to a different address so someone would definately be there to sign for the deliveries). Ah, exciting stuff! They also sent an unintentional present in the box;

A ridiculous amount of shredded paper was used to stop the containers moving around, fortunately it'll be put to good use adding to the papier mache forest (update coming on this soon). I can't wait to knock out some tests but I better wait until Gav gets back on the weekend (he's away til Friday helping the place he works at open a new shop in a different city). Ahh, Maybe just a few small tests..? I can't wait to see this stuff come to life. Expect some expansive posts and writeups when this stuff is let loose.

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