Sunday, 22 November 2009

Resin casting tutorials

just tracked down a pretty good tutorial for casting in resin using a silicone mould, exactly how we're thinking of doing the replacement heads. the site is an Italian toy collector's site and the author, Alessina. I've used google-translate to stick it in English:


and heres a second tutorial by the same author on making two-piece molds for the same technique:
Two-Piece Mold Tutorial

there are a few bits where some of the translation is way off but it makes it more interesting to read! It's a really clear tutorial anyway. Although I'm sure using foam board for the mold case is just as easy as lego.



  1. Will, I have bookmarked these tutorials for future reference. Thanks for posting the URLs here.

    Also, I want to metion your comment about the bird puppet Justin Rush pictured. I have checked out The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad 1958 url you posted and there is a very good video clip just showing the double headed bird attacking people. It is a nice and inspiring one. Thanks!

  2. Hey Yaz, thanks for dropping by and commenting a few things!
    It is a completely different type of film-making but I thought the puppet might be interesting to check out if you hadn't come across it before. I really like the look of the bird you've made, the motion test seems to have gone well too!

    The joints we've made are actually pretty small, I'd guess about 1cm long; so perhaps the photos were slightly confusing (I'll be putting some updates up soon) and yeah, we have been using pre-drilled balls- I got them from ebay too, they're the type intended for jewellery. The puppets are going to stand at around 7-8" high