Sunday, 15 November 2009

Hello Finley.

So this is my first ever post on Blogspot!
I've never properly maintained a blog, though I've always really liked the idea of it. I remember a couple of years back I kept a blog that was more for the sake of storing memories and ideas for myself to look back on, kinda like a scrap book. The whole thing was very short lived- and however sentimental, probably incredibly boring to anyone out there looking in.

Anyway, this time it feels alot less self-indulgent since I'm actually documenting something interesting. Myself and a friend have always had a huge interest in stopmotion animation, so given that we've both taken a year out before going away to university we've decided to do what we must have planned to do about three different times before, though never had the time-put together a stopmotion film we can be really proud of. It's taken me a while to get round to starting the blog up so we're no longer in the planning stages, more moving through the pre-production stage with increasing momentum (set building, puppet fabrication etc) though there is still alot to be worked out. We're hoping to be in a position to start principal photography at Christmas/newyear. [I guess I've just potentionally made us accountable to anyone reading but thats pretty cool, extra motivation is always a good thing!] The story is loosely based on a short story I wrote a year or so ago, or atleast the themes are related- If i find it i might stick a passage up. We then went through a load of different versions before coming to the final screenplay, which we're really happy with.

Since i've only just started this blog, i'll leave this as an introduction and stick the now amounting production-photos into subsequent posts so it's more organised.
I hope some of you decide to check back now and again, I love the amount of Stopmotion blogs that are around and the amount of usual infomation I've found in them has spurred me on to do the same- I hope something here is useful to someone and I can return the favour.
All the best!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Everything looks really cool so far - look forward to seeing it come together!

  2. Will, thats great.. you have taken a year out before going away to university for making a stopmotion film!!! Congratulations! Really, this is great move. I wish you good luck with your film and I will be here following up your posts.