Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Some men must follow, and some command, though all are made of clay.

Just realised I took a picture to stick up yesterday. I bought a load of supplies and got down to doing some sculpting on heads ready for some test casts, used Das modeling material aswell as some Newplast. Das is air-hardening and a pretty nice material to work with, kinda feels like a mix between putty and clay.
Heres a shot which shows the head pretty well:

Did a really quick, rough mockup on GIMP aswell (no photoshop on this computer) Now to work on development and get different changeable heads on the go with the help of some moulding and casting; aswell as the two sets of eyes and mo-hair thats on the way. I can't wait to do a few lip syncing tests since the cameras all set!

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