Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Camera dolly development + A little update.

Just a little update before I'm off into the world of work. Progress has been kinda shifting onto different parts of the project, but i feel like its becoming more of a whole. Our software setup and hardware setup is all good to go, though lights still need attention.

the Finlet puppet is not too far off fabrication, and I think we're gonna strive to get it completed by the end of next week..where we'll stick up a few photos and some of the test shots.
(Starting to shoot at christmas may have been a little optimistic! but ah well, we're getting there!)

Heres some shots of a cranked-camera-dolly that Gavs been working on along with his Grandpa, who's got a lot of experience working on large-scale model trains etc. It's not 100% finish but almost there. We'll most likely fit in a few movement tests the coming week also, so look out for those!

[gah! ill rotate these later]

Hope everyones had a fantastic new year! And lets hope the next is a very productive one for all of us.


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